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The Sacred practice of living in alignment with Mother Earth

Ayurveda is often called The Mother of all Healing. Within this ancient form of holistic medicine, we see how the five elements, Earth – Water – Fire – Air and Space, are at play outside and within us. 
In the time and society we live in it is easy to become imbalanced when we are out of tune with the cycles of nature.
That's why it’s so valuable and important to create inner balance and harmony because the only thing that never changes is change. 
To attain a state of balance Ayurveda encourages natural healing through awareness. As everyone is a unique being we will all need different things to regain balance. What for one is medicine is poison for the other.  
In Ayurveda we learn about our unique constitution, how to live in sync with the rhythms of nature and how we can find balance within any health challenges. 
When we tune inward to the healing wisdom of our bodies, we can get to the root of problem. This means that we are having the opportunity to balance our health. This is where self-healing starts.

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Embrace your uniqueness

I will help you to design a specific program that will meet your unique needs. It all starts with how to love and care for ourselves. Through support and self-empowerment, I will guide you in discovering and trusting your inner wisdom. You will get to know your unique constitution and expression and how to bring this into embodiment. This is how you learn to stand in your power and live in alignment with the flow of (your) nature. 

We will look together at the following things to support you on your journey of transformation: diet, lifestyle, self-care practices, daily routine, yoga and/or somatic practices, (movement) meditation and processing of emotions.

Benefits you might experience from embarking on this journey

  • Create a healthy relationship with your body and mind

  • Find greater balance in every aspect of your life

  • Stress reduction 

  • Managing stress, emotional and mental issues

  • Improvement of skin issues 

  • Deals with chronic fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, hormone imbalance and other health issues

  • Feeling more connected and loving to yourself and the world around you

  • Deeping your intuition and overall feeling of aliveness 

Applying Essential Oil
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Book your consult

Depending on your choice and location the consult can be in person or via zoom

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