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To the sanctuary of Sacred Embodiment. Where I create and hold a safe space for you to rediscover the aliveness that is within you. My intention is, with the help of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and embodied techniques, to connect you to your inner radiance and stand within your power. Offering you a space for healing and transformation. 
I will guide you to realign yourself with nature and liberate body, mind and spirit. Making you feel at home in your body so you can move through this life feeling joy, self-empowered and free.

Because we all deserve to experience the magic of being alive. 

With love, 


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Hi there,

I'm Charlotte, currently living close to Paris, and I am an Embodied Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Coach and specialised in Tantra and Women's Health. 
Everything I've learned over the years helped me on my journey to connect to my body, my emotions and my Soul in a loving way.

It is my hearts intention is to share these Sacred tools so you can feel good in your body and establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself and trust the wisdom of nature. 

It all begins with loving ourselves. 

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'If you want to be more alive, 
love is the truest health'

- Rumi

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"Charlotte is hands down one of my favourite yoga teachers in Amsterdam. Her classes are magical and leave you feeling like you just had the most wonderful spa treatment for body, mind and soul. She combines the physical and mindful aspect of yoga very beautifully. She encourages you to do your best while never forgetting to be kind with yourself. I’m thankful for all the love that she pours into her classes."


"Charlotte has a down-to-earth and yet playful approach. She has a great sense of direction for what everyone needs in the moment. Charlotte radiates a soft and beautiful energy that inspires me to explore deeper."


"Whenever you feel like gaining new perspective, relieving your mind chatter, or giving your body a good stretch, go and see Charlotte. Simply being in a room and listening to her speak brings waves of calmness. Her beautifully crafted sequencing make you feel strong and elegant like you are dancing through water."


During Charlotte’s classes I always feel ‘at home’. The way she allows flow and breathing in her practice, makes me ground on the mat and in my body. She makes me come home again to myself and that’s a wonderful experience, that is never the same, every time.


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